Thursday, 9 October 2014

Programming Yourself to Perform at Your Best

By: Paul Potier.

Even when we are feeling right and thinking right we still need to strengthen ourselves during onslaughts from our opponent. The 2 most important things that we need to strengthen are our confidence and our desire. Prepare a list of things that you can always go to that will help you focus on the right thoughts. When you are in your seat, waiting for your next chance at the table, bring the list out and go over it. Here are just a few examples of what's on my list:

1. Archery - This reminds me to pull back my cue stick slowly and pause on the backstroke before focusing my eyes on the contact point of the object ball, just before I stroke.

2. Be aware - This reminds me that my #1 goal should always be to learn, and I need to be aware of what I just did if I am to learn anything useful. I also need to stay down after stroking the cue ball long enough to watch the object ball go in the pocket and be aware of my balance, where my right elbow is, where my cue stick finished, etc.

3. Desire perfection - This reminds me not to get sloppy. I visualize in my mind the exact place the object ball will go in the pocket, and the exact spot where the cue ball will finish before I get down to make it all happen. I also visualize the exact paths the cue ball and object balls take to get to their final locations. Then I trust in my skills and believe in the picture that I drew in my mind.

4. Stalk every shot - This reminds me to set up to every shot from far behind the cue ball, going forward and almost sliding into the stance. Never approach the shot from the side or move backwards into the stance. (Video)

5. Have fun - This reminds me why I am playing this game. It is my passion, my release, my alone time. This helps me think good thoughts and smile inside. It helps me enjoy every second that I am here and not get stressed about things I can't control. It helps me erase the stress of results out of my system and provides me with the desire to enjoy the process of seeking perfection in my methods.

What works for me might not work for you. I recommend that you experiment with developing skills of awareness that will help you understand yourself. If you haven’t developed your own system of accurate learning techniques then try mine.

Enjoy the process!!

Paul Potier

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